A Few Words

About Me

Life is Never a Straight Line

Blue-collar Guy in a White-collared World

Inspired by a high school teacher, I spent my first three years of college majoring in accounting. Being the first in my family to attend college, I had to work to be able to afford the luxury of an education. While at school, I worked in the accounting department at a local manufacturing plant. During the summers, I worked closer to home, in the roofing, masonry, and carpentry trades, to name a few. After three years of school, I found geology and linked my love of the outdoors with my education.
Following graduation with a geology degree, I continued working in the trades while trying to get a job using my degree. After a year, I decided to go back to graduate school hoping to increase my chances of using my degree for a job.
Fast forward and having had many geology jobs in the oil industry, an entrepreneurial spirit keeps welling up within me. Coming full circle, I desire to help small businesses grow and achieve their goals.